Frequently Asked Questions

Can i use my own images?

Yes, as long as it meets the minimum printing requirements of 200 Dpi (dots per inch) which is equivalent to approximately 4/5MB image. Some iPhone images will work, as long as taken in the high definition resolution (HDR) mode. We have a graphics team who check each and every image to ensure they will come out perfectly, especially for a large scale image, so you can rest assured the product you receive is of the highest quality.  Should you wish to provide your own image we will give you a detailed technical specification. ​

Can you find images for me?

If you have a specific requirement, we have access to many image libraries and can source relevant images for you; please note there may be licensing and royalty payment for these images, but we can discuss costs with you as part of our bespoke service.

What do you mean by interchangeable images?

Our images are printed on a 100% polyester fabric that is easily stretched into the LightBox or ArtBox; it takes only a minute or two to put in and literally seconds to take out.  The fabric is incredibly lightweight and easy to store, therefore when choosing your images, you can pick more than one. Image printing costs are great value too!

What are the frames like?

Our LightBoxes come in a frame width of either 32mm or 65mm.   The frames are made out of 80% recycled aluminium and as standard come in a silver anodized (matt) finish but frames can be powder coated in any standard RAL colour.  The LightBox frames weigh 8kg (65mm) and 22kg (32mm) per sqm.

ArtBox frames come in a 21mm width and are incredibly lightweight and easy to hang.

What about cables and plugs?

With our 65mm frames you can choose to have our cables as part of the look, we have 40 different light cable options, supplied by a fantastic UK based manufacturer.  We supply these with black Bakelite plugs. We generally allow 2m per cable, however this is assessed for each order. Some customers choose to hide (chase) their cables into the wall so they remain unseen; for this we provide a standard white cable and plug at no extra cost. Our 32mm frames come with a black cable and external transformer as standard.

How do we hang/fit a LightBox?

Smaller LightBoxes are supplied to ‘plug and play’; they will come fully assembled, ready to hang, plug in and switch on. These will be delivered to you by courier.   We have a video below which shows you how to fit the LightBoxes.  We also have a full installation service for larger LightBoxes and can provide electricians if required.

What is your ‘standard’ service option?

With our ‘standard’ service you provide us with the measurements for your frame/LightBox, choose your image and finishes and we get your frame/LightBox delivered to your home.

What is your ‘bespoke’ service option?

We can help you every step of the way to ensure you get the perfect product for your space. Alternatively, you can pick and choose all or just some of our bespoke service options to deliver your perfect LightBox:

  • Image/photo consultancy
  • Full installation (recommended as standard for larger LightBoxes)

How much do ArtLux LightBoxes and ArtLux Frames cost?

ArtLux LightBoxes are priced from £395 and ArtBoxes from £99. Additional or replacement images are incredible value, priced from £40. Please contact our team for more information or detailed prices.

What guarantees do you provide?

ArtLux Lightboxes are guaranteed for 3 years from purchase, transformers are guaranteed for 1 year. Customers will receive a copy of their warranty with their purchase.

All components of ArtLux LightBoxes are UK CE rated and the polyester fabric on which we print our images is M1 firerated, the highest rating.

What about your eco-credentials?

  • We use energy saving LED’s in our LightBoxes
  • Our frames are made from 80% recycled aluminium
  • Our graphics are printed using eco-friendly inks

Please do get in touch with our team if you would like any more information on our products and services.