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The Original LightBox. Throughout history, artists have always used the latest technology to express themselves in original ways. From the birth of Impressionism to the famous silkscreen prints of Andy Warhol, science and art have been entwined. The most recent use of technology and art was Banksy and a remote controlled shredder.

The stained glass window (the original LightBox) has its origins in ancient Egypt, these were first produced in order to control light. Last month David Hockney unveiled “The Queens Window” in Westminster Abbey, the stained glass window designed on an IPAD.

An ArtLux LightBox is another way to control light using the latest technology. It allows you to create your own unique, beautifully detailed and illuminated wall art. It is a clever and unique lighting and framing solution, performing both as an artwork and a light source, they create a real impact in any location, in any space, at any time of day, as they lift photos beyond the wall, the light bringing them to life.

Light up your life!