My mission is to change the way that you use images in your home

I want to show you exactly how you can change your space in moments, be environmentally friendly, and improve your health, as a result.

In 2017, Damien Hirst held an exhibition in Venice using LightBoxes, and I was immediately enthralled with using images as light. I tried to buy a LightBox myself and quickly realised how difficult it was, so ArtLux was born.

I wanted the LightBoxes to be interchangeable allowing you to change a room in moments. But I also wanted them to be sustainable and adaptable so that you would never get bored.

You can change your clothes or screen saver easily in minutes, so why not change the look and feel of your space just as quickly and easily? At ArtLux, we think the best ideas are simple. No more decisions; just go with the flow and let your mood or the season dictate the feel of your home.

The stained glass window (the original LightBox) has its origins in ancient Egypt. These were first produced to control light. An ArtLux LightBox is another way to control light using the latest technology. It allows you to create your own unique, beautifully detailed and illuminated wall art.

It is a smart and unusual lighting and framing solution, performing both as an artwork and a light source. They create a real impact in any location, in any space, at any time of day, as they lift photos beyond the wall, the light bringing them to life.

We believe this is a new way to light up your home by offering a variety of choices for your images and hands-on experience in searching for new image ideas. You then have complete flexibility and can change a room for a party, work event, family gathering and more.

We’re just getting started. Join us.